Martín Collo

La educación rural en cuarentena – Caso de estudio en el embalse del Sisga
Martín Collo

Home screenplay

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Martín Collo Sastoque’s project it’s a script or a science fiction feature film called Home. For me it is unusual to evaluate a film script and to evaluate a project entirely made in english, still I enjoy reading it.  The strengths of the project are its perseverance in its research, the empirical escene of the story, the care in its design, its fonts and its cinematic exploration. I can see that he saw and researched different director styles and built his own creative world, the characters, their relationships and fantastic, technological and human environments. He develops the human conflicts through situations of love and hate, which makes clear that Martín makes a universe with its characters, shaping a world that is researched and internalized by him.

Martín’s script growed over time, he internalized our conversations, as taking his work plan in terms of organization charts and the poetics that he developed while I was his tutor. 

I am happy with the result he achieved, since Martín, in the middle of the pandemic – dystopian world, gives us hope with his script to find new possible worlds, new friends, adventures, drama and ways of living.


Congratulations Martín.